Locations in the Hovse

  • What is the history of Libraries in Blacker?
      0 and 00 were the Matron's room an the Hovse office in the 1930s. Presumably it was also the House library. At the end of World War II, the office of the MOSH was created and located in Blacker. Likely thie MOSH was in 0. The library could have still been in 00.

      The library was in 00 from after the MOSH moved his office until March 1962.
      The Secretary logs of March 1962 the Blacker ExCom met to discuss a new Blacker Library. The proposal was to convert room 17. It was approved pending a Hovse vote. The Hovse voted to approve 17 as a Library in May 1962.
      Feb 1964 an ExCom meeting discussed the potential of expanding the library into 19. The topic was also discussed in a May 1964 ExComm meeting. The MOSH was paying for the contruction and it was hoped that the expanded Library would be completed by Rotation 1964.

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