Blacker Hovse, House Member Hometowns and States: IA

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The year listed is the frosh year for that person
* Denotes a deceased member of the Hovse
# Denotes a member of the Hovse that did not graduate
(Note: some people with #s are still current undergrads)

Thomas Robert Burnight 1932

Cedar Falls
Cyrus Herat Behroozi 1993

Cedar Rapids
Joseph Ross Curray 1945

Derek Lee Davis 1975
Jennifer Chuen-Hsien Yang 1996

Des Moines
John Robert Golden 1958
Brian Charles Gibson 1969
Stephanie Elizabeth Stangl Schulze 2006

Fort Dodge
Joeseph Klee Trauerman, Jr 1937 #

Iowa City
Isaac Cameron Sheff 2008

Keegan Leinbach McAllister 2004

* David Lewis Clark, Jr 1929

Sioux City
* William Eaton Palmer 1942

Data collected by Benjamin Smith, Frosh 1989, Grad 1994, President Dec 1992-Jan 1994
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