Blacker Hovse, House Members
Alpha List

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To aid in looking up individual members of Blacker, I've created lists sorted by first name and sorted by last name.

Sorted by First Name:

    A. Jennifer Niessink        to  Bruce L. Blackie
    Bruce Meyer Herman          to  David S. Twining
    David Samuel Guskin         to  Fred Prindaville
    Frederic Nelson Benning     to  James Maurice Short
    James Michael Thomas        to  Jonathon Michael Hutchings
    Jonathon Michael Hutchings  to  Margolita Mia Pollack
    Maria Annichia Riolo        to  Paul Dennis Belmont
    Paul Douglas Josephson      to  Robert S. Custer
    Robert S. Kramarz           to  Terry Jay Ligocki
    Tersesa Kathleen Miller     to  Zinovy Boris Reichstein

Sorted by Last Name:

    Abbott, John Lynn                to  Brar, Deepinder K.
    Brattkus, Kirk Eugene            to  DeGrasse, Robert W.
    DeWitt, Henry Koch               to  Gesek, Caleb
    Getzmann, Jr, Edwin Samuel       to  Hoppe, Kenneth Neal
    Horn, Jr, John Leonard           to  Lamelas, Francisco Javier
    Lamelas, Francisco Javier        to  Mead, Roy Desmond
    Meador, Eric B.                  to  Pfeffer, Allen Michael
    Phillips (Carlson), Karen Marie  to  Serrell, Peter Van Horne
    Seto, Jane                       to  Trevino-Barton, Nathan Taylor
    Trott, Delano Brookings          to  Zukerman, Herbert S.

Data collected by Benjamin Smith, Fr '89, Grad '94, President Dec 1992-Jan 1994
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