Blacker Hovse is one of the seven undergraduate Houses at Caltech. The houses are grouped into the South Hovse (Blacker, Dabney, Fleming & Ricketts) and the North Houses (Lloyd, Page and Ruddock). Blacker currently has spaces for 67 undergradutes and 2 RAs. Blacker also has spaces for 9 people at Hovse 'o da Munth Club, located at 255 South Hill. Members of Blacker are called Moles.

    Blacker layout: 1st Floor, 2nd Floor west profile.
    South Houses in 1932: 1st floor (small (490k) or large (4.6M) ) and 2nd floor and 2nd floor (small (490k) or large (4.6M) )

    Starting when I was a sophomore I started gathering information about who was in Blacker. This lead to the grand, cannonical list of all Moles:
    • By Frosh Year
    • Alphabetised by first or last name
    • Some interesting Statistics (graduation rates, number of people in a class, number of people picked, etc)
    • A chart of the states that Moles came from. (Organized by frosh year). And a listing of who came from which town for a given state.
    • Majors for house members (organized by frosh year)
    • Notes on my abreviations and documentation of my sources.

    Other pieces of information have been gathered:
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