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Note that Pope and Keeper of the Cans are not necessarily on the ExCom.
A * Denotes an appointed officer, not an elected one.
If there is no box, that office did not exist that year. If the name of an officer is not known, then that is marked with an italic "unknown".

In the 1931-1939 timeframe elected officers were elected in May and took office just before the term ended. Appointed officers were announced at the begining of 1st term.

Date of
President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Social Chair Athletic Committee
Librarian Pope
14 May 1931 John Voris Chambers (Jr) Walter Scholtz (So) Charles Luis Welsh (Fr) Thomas Adelbert Andrew (So) [1]
by 28 Sep 1931 Edward Bishop Crossman * (Sr) Bertram Folger Miller * (Jr)
29 March 1932 John Spencer Warfel (Jr)
19 May 1932 Walter Scholtz (Jr) Charles Luis Welsh (So) [2] Orin Henderson Shoemaker (So) [3] Albert Gordon (Fr) [4]
27 Sept 1932 Kenneth Sanborn Pitzer (So)
4 Oct 1932 Orin Henderson Shoemaker (Jr) Willis Ray Donahue, Jr (Jr)
13 Oct 1932 Raymond William Traynor * (Jr) David Fulmer Bender * (Sr)
22 May 1933 Orin Henderson Shoemaker (Jr) Kenneth Sanborn Pitzer (So) Henri Arthur Levy (So) Herbert Orville Cox (Sr) Unknown Unknown
7 May 1934 John Chester Stick, Jr. (Jr) Paul Corwin Schaffner (So) Edward Thomas Price, Jr. (Fr) Franklin Reid Lawrence (So) [5] Unknown Robert Parry Jones (Jr)
24 Sept 1934 Paul Corwin Schaffner (Jr) *
15 Jan 1935 Stanford William Briggs (Jr)
16 May 1935 Paul Corwin Schaffner (Jr) Edward Thomas Price, Jr. (So) Warren Brown Woodrich (Fr) [6] Michael Martin McMahon (Jr) Kenyon Taylor Bush (Jr)
23 Sept 1935 Martin Haskell Webster (Jr) Peter Van Horne Serrell (Sr) * Glen Harry Lewis (Jr) *
30 April 1936 Edward Thomas Price, Jr. (Jr) Roland Cruse Stone (So) Donald Charles MacDonald (Fr) David Brown Luckenbill (So) Robert Alexander Gewe (Fr) * Unknown
by Oct 1936 Jack Cary Kinley * (Sr)
3 May 1937 Roland Cruse Stone (Jr) Donald Charles MacDonald (So) [7] Joseph Frank Manildi (Fr) David Brown Luckenbill (Jr) Jack Francis Dougherty (Jr) * [8] Unknown
by 27 Oct 1937 Elliot Hinman Bonham (SSr) * Friend Frederick Baker, Jr. (So)
19 Jan 1938 Raymond Gardner Richards (Jr)
25 April 1938 Francis Chandler Ingalls (Jr) [9] Joseph Frank Manildi (So) [10] Paul Stephan Farrington (Fr) Andrew Lucien Hannon (Jr) David Henry Steinmetz III * (So) John Gilbert Small (Fr)
John Daniel Spikes (Fr)
1 Mar 1939 Joseph Frank Manildi (Jr) Raymond Gardner Richards (Sr)
2 May 1939 Joseph Frank Manildi (Jr) Frederick Weaver Clark III (So) Wayne MacRostie (Fr) John Gordon Palmer (Jr) David Henry Steinmetz III * (Jr) Robert Alexander Gewe (Sr)
Edward Dodds Noble (So)
Unknown James Roger Fahs (So)

Notes for 1931-1939:

1. Left Tech 2nd term 1932
2. Transferred to Stanford, Summer 1932
3. Elected VP.
4. Left Tech Summer 1932
5. Withdrew from Tech, end of 1st Term 1934
6. Left Tech Summer 1935
7. Left end of 1st Term 1937
8. Resigned from office
9. Killed in a swimming accident, Feb 1939

Blacker Hovse closed sometime after 27 April 1943 so that the U.S. Navy V-12 program could take over. Blacker reopened with civilians on 4 March 1946. At this time Caltech was still operating in the wartime schedule of year round schooling with 4 terms. Officers were immediately elected to hold office for the few months until elections would normally be held. In normal election years, elected officers took office in May, while appointed officers were announce in the fall at the beginning of 1st term.

Date of
President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Social Chair Athletic Committee
Librarian Pope Keeper of
the Cans
15 April 1940 Emerson Hogue LaBombard (Jr) Wayne MacRostie (So) Palmer Wright (Fr) [1] James Roger Fahs (Jr) [2] Unknown Claude LeVerne Carter (So)
Kenneth Danforth Schureman (So)
Unknown John William Gillings (Sr) Robert Roy Maker (Sr)
26 Sept 1940 Herbert Arthur Lassen (So) Paul Winston Webster (Jr)
by 21 Oct 1940 John "Jack" Gordon Palmer (SSr) *
14 April 1941 Kenneth Danforth Schureman (Jr) Paul William Hubay (So) Barton Brewster Beek (Fr) Ralph Milton Willits (Jr) [3] Richard Edward Marsh (So)
Paul Stilwell McKibben (Jr)
Unknown Hubert Ernst Simon (So) Hubert Ernst Simon (So)
20 Oct 1941 Paul Winston Webster (Sr) Arthur J. R. Schneider * (Sr)
6 April 1942 Paul William Hubay (Jr) [4] William Wilkes Olenbush (So) [5] Allan Edward Wolfe (Fr) Herbert Arthur Lassen (Jr) Richard Edwin McWethy (Jr) Unknown Hubert Ernst Simon (Jr) [6] Warren Amster (Fr)
Donald Harry Potts (Jr)
Sept 1942 Unknown
4 Jan 1943 William Wilkes Olenbush (Jr)
11 Jan 1943 Jeptha Alan Wade, Jr. (Jr) Rowland Prideaux-Brune (Fr)
8 April 1943 William Wilkes Olenbush (Jr) Allan Edward Wolfe (So) Richard "Dick" Churchill Honey (Fr) George Foster Smith (So) Edwar McKean Atchison (So)
Donald Theodore Greenwood (So)
Unknown Sid Elicks (?)
Dudley "Burch" Burcham Smith (Fr)
Hovse Closed for World War II, April/May 1943 to March 1946
6 Mar 1946 David Colvill Lincoln (Sr) David Orville Caldwell (Jr) John Kendel Elder (Jr) Kenneth LeRoy Parkhurst (So)
11 Mar 1946 Herbert William Strong (Sr) Dennis Vernon Long (So)
21 Mar 1946 Robert Edward Kreuger (Jr) Philip Erik Peterson (Jr)
21 Mar 1946 Earl Kenneth Duke, Jr. (So)
5 May 1946 David Orville Caldwell (Jr) John Joshua Attias (Jr) John Kendel Elder (Jr) Kenneth LeRoy Parkhurst (So) Douglas James MacLean (Jr) Robert Edward Kreuger (Jr) Wesley Moore Dynes (Jr) William James Ramsey (So)
by 9 Jan 1947 Jeptha Alan Wade, Jr. (Sr) *
8 April 1947 Warren Monroe Marshall III (Jr) William James Karzas (Jr) Ralph Harvey Lovberg (So) Forrest Sturdevant Allinder (Jr) Douglas James MacLean (Sr) * Byron Constantine Karzas (Jr) Daniel Laughlin Drew (Jr)
Lothrop "Bud" Mittenthal (Sr)
Frank Evans (Jr)
Warren Eugene Krum (So)
by 20 May 1947 John Christian Bear (Jr) *
Mitchell L. Cotton (Sr) *
1 April 1948 Arthur Elwin Bruington (Sr) Boyd McIntosh Gage (So) John Raymond Fee (Fr) Warren Palmer Waters (Jr) Richard "Dick" Jack Pollak (Sr) David Baron (Sr) Arthur Robert Cuse (Fr)
5 April 1948 Hugh Franklin Stoddart (Jr) *
William August Freed (So) *
William Eaton Palmer (Sr) *
7 March 1949 Frederick W. Drury, Jr. (Jr) Frank C. Bumb, Jr. (So) Richard T. Bartlett (Fr) [7] John Kimball Poindexter (Sr) Peter Vroman Mason (So) Danver Schuster (Jr) [8] Augusto "Gus" L. Soux (Fr)
10 Oct 1949 George Myron Arcand (Jr) *
Floyd Bernard Humphrey (Jr) *
Raymond Henry Greutrert (So) * James B. Hendrickson (Jr)
9 Jan 1950 Russel Kyle Catterlin (So)

Notes for 1940-1949:

1. Left Tech, Summer 1940.
2. Left Tech, Summer 1940.
3. Reason for vacating office is unknown.
4. Left Tech to join the U. S. Army Air Corps
5. Assumed office of President due to vacancy
6. Presumably the office was vacated because he left Tech...
7. Transfered to Northwestern at the end of 1st term 1950.
8. Moved off campus

In the 1950s officers were typically elected in early March and installed in office in late March or early April. Starting March 1953 the election was held on 2 nights with the offices of President, Social Chairman, Secretary and Pope on the first night and Vice President, Treasurer, Librarian and House Horses ASS (HHA) elected on the 2nd. Starting with the 1955 election, the nights for Secretary and Treasurer were swapped.

Election President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman [1] Athletic Manager [14] Librarian Pope Keeper of
the Cans
6 March 1950 Earl Charles Hefner (Jr) Russel Kyle Catterlin (So) Neil Joeseph Stefanides (Fr) Hiroshi Kamei (Jr) Arcand and Humphry
(See previous table)
(See previous table)
William C. Pilkington, Jr. (So) Arthur Robert Cuse (Jr) William Miles Conner (Fr)
7 March 1950 Edward Eugene Pyatt (Jr) *,
Samuel F. Middlebrook (So)*
Arthur Edward Miller, Jr. (Jr) * [2]
9 Oct 1950 Raymond Henry Greutert (Sr) *
Donald K. Tautz (Jr) *
7 March 1951 Donald K. Tautz (Jr) Stanley Groner (Jr) Franklin Dale Dryden (Fr) Augusto L. Soux(Jr) Earl Donald Jacobs (So) [3] C. Richard Smith (Fr)[5] Lester D. Earnest (Jr) George B. Stryker (Fr)
9 March 1951 Raymond Henry Greutert (Sr) * [4]
Sept 1951 Samuel F. Middlebrook (Jr) *
7 Jan 1952 Stanley G. Wilkes (Jr) *
19 Feb 1952 Carl Gregory Sauer, Jr. (Jr)*
5 March 1952 John Morgan Ogilive II (Jr) Francis W. Joyce (So) [6] Alan L. Helgesson (Fr) Perry H. Vartanian, Jr. (Jr) Robert Alfred Koster (Jr)
Van I. Walkley (Fr)
William D. Bensema (Fr) Lester D. Earnest (Sr) Robert V. Powell (Fr)
13 May 1952 Edward J. Gauss (So) *
Paul Eugene Langdon, Jr. (Jr) *
21 May 1952 Earl Donald Jacobs (Jr)
11 & 12 March 1953 Donald L. Hook (Jr) Franklin Dale Dryden (Jr) Joseph P. Gibbs (Fr) Jerry C. Mitchell (Jr) Francesco G. Beuf (Jr)
George Epstein (So)
Alan M. Poisner (Fr) James T. Enright (Jr) Charles A. Bodeen (Fr)
Alex Ozeroff, Jr. (Fr)
Sept 1953 Unknown
4 & 5 March 1954 Alan L. Helgesson (Jr) George Epstein (Jr) John Roger Velman (Fr) John Edward Young (So) Frederic Nelson Benning (So)
Paul D. Lindfors (So)
Richard D. Stark (Fr) Robert Leicester Tambling, Jr. (Sr) [7] Edley V. McKnight (Fr) [8]
8 April 1954 Jon Walter Harford (Fr) [9]
17 May 1954 Alan M. Poisner (So)*,
Myron Watt Black, Jr. (So) *
Dec 1954/Jan 1955 Jon Walter Harford (So) [9]
before 20 Jan 1955 Michael N. Bleicher (So) Gerard M. Lawrence(Fr)
3 & 8 March 1955 Myron Watt Black, Jr. (Jr) Frederic Nelson Benning (Jr) Bruce L. Blackie (Fr) Robert J. Deffeyes (So) George Edwards Hall (So)
Jon Walter Harford (So)
John Roger Velman (So)
John Cleverley Carney (Jr) Henry R. Phipps (Fr) [11] Gerard M. Lawrence (Fr)
12 May 1955 David J. Hallman (Jr) * [11]
Roger A. Wileman (Jr) *
Sept 1955 [12]
Joseph E. Lingerfelt (Jr) *
Roger A. Wileman (Sr) *
Jan 1956 Vacant, but claimed by John P. Kelley (Fr)
1 March 1956 Michael N. Bleicher (Jr) Bruce L. Blackie (So) [10] Walter S. Baer (Fr) Alan Edward Farley (Jr) John Allan Conover (Fr)
Richard D. Stark (Jr)
John O. Stevens (Jr)
Gustave Akselrod (Fr) Daniel Henry Horowitz (So) Gerard M. Lawrence (So)
12 April 1956 George Edwards Hall (Jr)
April 1956 [14] Henry Reed Saunders (So)
Donald Stern (So)
27 February & 6 March 1957 Donald Stern (Jr) Robert Slater Johnstone (Jr) Thomas M. Jovin (Fr) Gustave Akselrod (So) Kendall L. Dinwiddle (So)
Stuart Goff (Jr)
Walter Adrian Johnson (So)
Timothy Merrill Harrington (Jr)
William Marion Kern (Jr)
Max P. Oeschger (Fr) William I. McLaughlin (Sr) Gerard M. Lawrence (Jr)
11 & 13 March 1958 Gustave Akselrod (Jr) Walter Adrian Johnson (Jr) Clyde Stewart Zaidins (Fr) Kenneth Hoyt Adams (Jr) Leroy E. Hood (So)
Roy H. Currence (So)
William Randy Van Schmus (So)
Harvey Jerome Hansen (Jr) Robert L. Junkin (Fr) [15] David Charles Kubrin (Fr) Jan Rampecek (So)
Rotation 1958 Richard Stephen Norman (So) *
4 & 9 March 1959 Kenneth Philip Scholtz (Sr) Clyde Stewart Zaidins (So) David Edward Pritchard (Fr) Richard Stephen Norman (So) Alan Paul Berg (Jr)
Jerome V. Kasper (So)
Michael R. Thomson (Jr)
Thomas H. Keil (Jr) John Herman Rickerman (Fr) Christopher Wells Larson (So) Jan Rampecek (Jr)

Notes for 1950-1959:

1. Social Chairman made and elected office by House vote on 23 Jan 1951.
2. Left Tech Summer 1950.
3. Retired from office.
4. Athletic Manager position changed to serve June to May.
5. Left the House (moved off-campus?) in the middle of 2nd term.
6. Resigned because "he was not going to be in the House next year".
7. Left Tech a the end of 1st term 1954.
8. Left at the end of 2nd term 1954 to join the Army.
9. Abdicated from Pope and Keeper of Cans due to Bleicher's "heresy".
10. Withdrew from Caltech at end of 2nd term 1956.`
11. Left Caltech at the end of 1st term 1955.
12. Left Caltech Summer 1955
13. Presumably Lingerfelt was added early 1st term 1955. True date of appointment unknown.
14. Athletic Manger made an elected House office staring in 1956. That year the election was to be postponted until the 1st two weeks of 3rd term so that a potential candidate (Hallman) could be re-entated to Caltech. Results and date of election or appointment have not been recorded.
15. Left Caltech, Summer 1958.

Election President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Athletic Manager Librarian Historian [1] Pope Keeper of
the Cans
BT&E Troll
3 & 9 March 1960 Gary Orville Walla (Jr) Hugh Hartmann Kieffer (Jr) Allen Michael Pfeffer (Fr) Joeseph Thomas Bocklage (So) David Willis Drummond (Jr)
Richard Rutherford Green (So)
Thomas H. Keil (Sr)
Edward Standish Miller (So)
Dwain Joe Reed (Jr) Robert Watson Diller (Fr)
Richard Stuart Robertson (Fr)
Neville Antony Black (Sr) [2] Eric Carl Nummela (Fr)
1st term 1960 Unknown
6 March 1961 David Edward Pritchard (Jr) David Willis Drummond (Sr) Arthur Edward Johnson (Fr) Allen Michael Pfeffer (So) Thomas Edward Kreuger (Fr)
Thomas Walker Latham (Fr)
Richard Stuart Robertson (So)
Daniel Alan Schwartz (So) [3] Michael Stephen Ball (Fr)
Alan Frank Huber (So)
Allan Richard Bernstein (Jr) Peter Ogden Mazur (Fr)
21 September 1961 Allen Michael Peffer (Jr) * [4]
12 October 1961 Gary Evald Dahlman (So)
Steven Clifford Teigland (So)
1, 2, & 8 Feb 1962
9 March 1962
Bruce Alan Carter (Jr) Arthur Edward Johnson (So) Ivar Ambats (Fr) Thomas Walker Latham (So) Michael Sidney Entin (Fr)
Guy Delacy Jackson IV (Fr)
Richard Stuart Robertson (Jr)
Robert Mahlon Sweet (Fr)
Allen Michael Pfeffer (Jr)
Steven Clifford Teigland (So)
Allan Richard Bernstein (Sr) []
Robert Watson Diller (Jr)
Samuel Robert Gordon (So)
David Russell Hearn (So)
John Mitchell Julius Madey (So)
William Robin Zame (Fr)
Kurt Stephen J. Anderson (Jr) Peter Ogden Mazur (So)
28 February & 6 March 1963 Arthur Edward Johnson (Jr) Guy Delacy Jackson IV (So) Jared Asher Austin (Fr) Robert Mahlon Sweet (So) Barry William Dinius (So)
Eric Manning Jones (Fr)
Gary Walter Scott (So)
Gary William Smith (Fr)
William King Tyler (Fr)
William Robin Zame (So)
Thomas Walker Latham (Jr)
David Burnett McCarroll (Fr)
Edward Lowell Robertson III (Fr)
Bruce Alan Carter (Sr)
Peter Ogden Mazur (Jr)
Bruce Alan Carter (Sr)
Peter Ogden Mazur (Jr)
19 October 1963 Barry William Dinius (Fr)
Gary Walter Scott (So)
Gary William Smith (So)
George John Williams (Fr)
27 Feb & 4 March 1964
20 March 1964
Guy Delacy Jackson IV (Jr) [5] Robert Mahlon Sweet (Jr) Arlin Robert Peters (Fr) Steven David Clamage (So) Lot Einsey (Fr)
Gary William Little (Fr)
George John Williams (So)
Benjamin Dembart (So)
John George Eastment (So)
Albert Victor Holm (So)
Clyde Allan Staley (Fr) [6]
William Franklin Pate (Fr) Edward Stephen Bauer (Sr)
27 September 1964 Albert Victor Holm (Jr)
~5 Oct 1964 Robert Mahlon Sweet (Sr) [7]
January 1965 John George Eastment (Jr) [8]
Late Feb/Early March 1965 Carl Lawrence Anderson (Jr) Kenneth Douglas Garbade (Fr) Robert John Miller (So) Robert Lee Bell (Fr)
Steven David Clamage (Jr)
Daniel Edwin Erickson (So)
Benjamin Dembart (Jr)
Frank Kazumi Fujimura (So)
Sali Gee-Chung Ma (Fr)
Bruce William Baille (Fr)
John Douglas Tucker (Fr)
Norman Minoru Uyeda (Sr)
William Franklin Pate (So) Edward Lowell Robertson III (Jr)
Feb/March 1966 Benjamin Grosvenor Cooper (Jr) Terry George Allen (SSr) Kenneth Salem Kamm (Fr) Delmar Lee Johnson (So) Richard Edwin Drews (So)
Mark Stephen Radomski (Fr)
Greg Fleetwood Wright (Fr)
Sali Gee-Chung Ma (So)
Steven Samuel Pomeroy (Fr)
Gavin Nobuyuki Miyata
George John Williams (Sr)
Jon Robert Haviland (So) James Martin Soha (Jr)
Feb/March 1967 Delmar Lee Johnson (Jr) [9] Kenneth Salem Kamm (So) Peter Szolovits (Fr) Mark Stephen Radomski (So) John David Barnard (Fr)
Frank Warren Burton (Fr)
Michael Scott Stefanko (Fr)
Richard Edwin Drews (Jr)
Stuart Robert Goodgold (Jr)
Jeffrey Charles Hecht (So)
Carl Richard Neu (Fr)
James Eugene Downum (Jr) Jon Robert Haviland (Jr)
January 1968 Kenneth Salem Kamm (Jr) James Edward Leininger (So) [10]
Feb/March 1968 Gavin Nobuyuki Miyata (Jr) Peter Szolovits (So) James Christopher Beck (Fr) Willis Kirk Drake, Jr. (So) Richard Kinzi Franz (Jr)
George Anthony Jackson (Jr)
Mark Stephen Radomski (Jr)
Bruce Alan Horn (Fr) [11]
Steve Melvin Menkus (Fr)
Richard Ried Willis (Fr) Peter Kelley Pearson (So) Carl Richard Neu (So) ??
Feb/March 1969 Willis Kirk Drake, Jr. (Jr) Fred Prindaville (So) Larry A. Westerman (Fr) [12] Michael Edmond Felland (So) John Edward Cronin (So)
Duncan Paul Taylor (So)
Samuel Eric Wheatley (Fr)
Steve Melvin Menkus (So)
Douglas Alan Wood (So)
Bardi E. Jonsson (Fr)
Robert S. Kramarz (Fr) [13]
Gary I. Spivak (Fr)
Unknown Willis Kirk Drake, Jr. (Jr) Craig William McClusky (So)
October 1969 John G. Schudel (Fr) Bardi E. Jonsson (Fr)
Gary I. Spivak (Fr)
Gregory Kyle Brock (Fr)

Notes for 1960-1969:

1. Historian first elected...
2. Graduated in June. Yearbook implies that he resigned the office.
3. Presumably left Caltech summer 1961.
4. Temporary apointment until an election could be held.
5. Got married before 1st Term and had to resign. Resigned after Rotation
6. Left Tech, Summer 1964.
7. VP assumed presidency until special election.
8. Special Election early 2nd term--office for 4 terms.
9. Moved off campus; resigned. VP took over.
10. Siezed Papacy by putting out a Purity Test and organized the 2nd TJ expedition
11. Left Tech 2nd or 3rd Term 1968
12. Unknown why he resigned or left office during the summer of 1969. Lived on campus 1st term.
13. Unknown why he resigned or left office during the summer of 1969. Not in 1st term Houselist
14. BT&E (Blacker Telephone & Electric) was build in summer 1968 by Craig McClusky. It brought telephone service to each room. Previously there was BME (Blacker Music Exchange) which did the same but with stereos. The office has at many titles. BT&E Troll, BTE Troll, Teletroll. It was given a roompick and listed as an officer up until it stopped working.

Election President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Social Team Athletic Managers Libriarian Historian [8] Pope Keeper of the Cans [1] BT&E Troll
Feb/March 1970 Eric Allan Schiff (Jr) Thomas Allan Weaver (Jr) Alan James Coltri (Fr) Gary I. Spivak (So) Bruce William Bennett (Fr)
James Clark Fuhrman (So)
Gary Stephen Rubenstein (Fr)
Duncan Paul Taylor (Jr)
Michael Edmond Felland (Jr)
Stephen Karl Skedzelewski (Fr)
George Oscar Alverson (Fr)
Brian Charles Gibson (Fr)
Gerald Anton Navratil (Fr)
John Francis Belsher III (Fr) Steve Melvin Menkus (Jr) Duncan Paul Taylor (Jr) John Charles Gord (Fr)
February 1971 Gary I. Spivak (Jr) Gary Stephen Rubenstein (So) Bruce Gilbert Montgomery (Fr) Bruce Arie Reznick (So) James Clark Fuhrman (Jr)
Gregory Alan Nelson (Fr)
Carol Nottenburg (Fr)
Phyllis Jean Anwyl (Fr)
Jeffrey John Harrow (Fr)
Robert Douglas Stanley (Fr)
Robert Ashworth Harmon (Fr)
Raymond Heme Yuoi Lem (Fr)
Douglas Boyden McElroy
John Francis Belsher III (So) Pope: Howard Burner Pontius (Fr) [2]
Anti-Pope:Robert Emil Plaag (So)
Gregory Kyle Brock (Jr)
October 1971 Robert Emil Plaag (Jr)
early January 1972 [3] James Lawrence Bonomo (Jr) Bryan Creed Jack (So) Clifford Ian Drowley (Fr) Eric William Hansen (Fr) John Lawrence Allen (Fr)
Douglas Boyden McElroy (So)
Gregory Alan Nelson (So)
Janet Christine Wainwright (So)
John Lawrence Allen (Fr)
David Jay Mulkey (Fr)
Bruce William Bennett (Jr)
Daniel Packman (So)
Unknown Bruce Gilbert Montgomery (So) Gregory Kyle Brock (Sr)
February 1973 Douglas Boyden McElroy (Jr) Todd Allan Boroson (Fr) David Alan Smallberg (So) Daniel Packman (Jr) Peter Kent Edberg (So)
Deanna Lynne Hunt (Fr)
Robert Wesley Tajima(Fr)
Arthur Lee Davis (Fr)
William Allen Zajc (So)
Mark Douglas Bails (Fr)
Marc Christopher Cimolino (Fr)
Laurie Ann Schalit (Jr) Jeffrey John Harrow (Jr) Eric Hanson Eichorn (Fr)
February 1974 Alonzo Milton Rollinson (Jr) Paul David Goodson (So) James Allen Schlaffer (Fr) Thomas Michael Himel (So) Wayne Alan Dickenson (So)Douglas Boyden McElroy
Lee George Mundy (Fr)
Jodi Nancy Jo Riedinger (So)
Stephen Roy Walton (Fr)
Louise Robin Corson (Fr)
Melody Ann Howe (Fr)
Kevin Eugene Jones (Fr)
Richard Alan Stall (Fr)
John Leonard Horn, Jr (So)
David Alan Smallberg (Jr)
Donald Hamasaki (Fr) Kevin Eugene Jones (Fr) Unknown
late February 1975 Deanna Lynne Hunt (Jr) Lee George Mundy (So) Roy Desmond Mead (So) Richard Louis Rairdon (Jr) [5] Linda Ann Figueroa (Fr)
Charles Edward Kistler (Jr)
Dennis Paul Licht
Michael Louis Steigerwald (Fr)
Marc Christopher Cimolino (Jr)
Donald Hamasaki (So)
Richard Scott Larson (Jr)
Robert Wesley Tajima (Jr)
Enrico Alberto Rodrigo (So) Marc Christopher Cimolino (Jr) David Alan Smallberg (Sr) [4] William Ira Behen (Fr)
October 1975 Erling Henry Wold (So)
February 1976 Carl David Forgerson II (Jr) Robert Steven Forgey (Jr) Lawrence Russel Doolittle (Fr) Matt J. Crawford (So) [5] James Robert Cole, Jr. (Fr)
Robert Warren Erickson (So)
David Mark Glover (Fr)
Steven Gregory Trabert (Fr)
James Curtis Walseth (Fr)
Michael Gregory Kurilla (Fr)
Kenneth Lloyd Tanaka (So)
Sangtae Kim (Fr) Lee George Mundy (Jr) [6]
Sangtae Kim (Fr)
Erling Henry Wold (So)
February 1977 Jack William Kohn (So) Michael Gregory Kurilla (So) Sandra Kay Sigmund (Fr) Michael Frank Klein (So) Patrick Gerald Finan (Fr)
Sangtae Kim (So)
Daniel Steven Whelan (So)
Lawrence Russel Doolittle (So)
Charles Scott Reynolds (So)
Patricia Lee Bornman (So) Unknown Matt J. Crawford (Jr) David Lap Kwan Wang (So)
May 1977 Eric Pharr Etheridge (Fr)
February 1978 David Norman Shenton (Jr) Daniel Thomas Grutzmacher (So) Jill Tina Ibers (Fr) Gregory Scott Hoffman (Jr) James Anthony Gerdes (Jr)
James Everette Lloyd (Fr)
Cecilia Berta Rodriguez (Fr)
Davis Wallace Finley (So)
Terry Jay Ligocki (Fr)
Charles Scott Reynolds (Jr)
Albert Lloyd Nichols III (So) [7] Erik Penn DeBenedictis (Jr)
Karen Ann Hellgren (Fr)
John Vincent Canizares Nye (Fr)
Jeffrey Arthur Ronne (Fr)
Thomas Andrew Soulanille (Fr)
Alison Jean Reinbold (Fr) (?)
1st Term 1978 Unknown
January 1979 William Bernard Schmidke, Jr. (Jr) Jeff Scott Yantis (So) [9] Lisa Marie Hamilton (Fr) John Frana Fill (So) David Stone Kamins (So)
Jonathan Ellis Parker (Fr)
Patricia Jo Stoddard (Fr)
Unknown Unknown Unknown Alison Jean Reinbold (So) (?)
mid 1st Term 1979 Vacant

Notes for 1970-1979:

1. The last known Keeper of the Cans was elected 2nd term 1972
2. Defected to Page House, so Anti-Pope became Pope.
3. Elections held early 2nd term because the President, Spivak, moved off campus with his wife.
4. Graduated, thus resigned
5. Office was called "Damage Controller and Treasurer" these two years in various documents. According to Matt the "damage" part was an informal addition. He'd fix windows, etc much like the office of Damage Control that was created in the 1980s.
6. Listed in 1977 Big T as intended Editor with Sangtae as editor. With no other evidience, I assume that Lee was elected/appointed and flaked, then Sangtae took over.
7. Transferred to Lloyd House 1st term 1978.
8. Historian does not seem to be an elected office during the 1970s. Since in the 1990s, Historians edited the Big T for the full year and were selected in advance, thats how the 1970s Historians are listed.
9. Left Tech mid 1st term.

Sometime in the 1980s elections moved from February to January.

Election President Vice President [11] Secretary Treasurer Social Team Athletic Managers Libriarian Historian Damage Control [1] Pope BTE Troll
February 1980 Patricia Jo Stoddard (So) John Vincent Canizares Nye (Jr) Alison Jean Reinbold (Jr) Cynthia Juyne Beegle (So) Ramanuj Basu (Fr)
Reese Earl Faucette (Fr)
Arthur Joseph Fortini (Fr)
Jan-Anders Dorsdal Dyvik (Fr)
Christopher Martin Snyder (Fr)
Mark Milenko Todorovich (So) Unknown Lisa Marie Hamilton (So) Craig Newton Minor (Fr)
February 1981 James Stevenson Ryan (Sr) Reese Earl Faucette (So) Carol Jacqueline Bryan (So) [2] Steven Mark Beccue(So)[3] Howard Cohen (Fr) [4]
Arthur Joseph Fortini (So)
Laura Diane Wilson (Fr)
John L. Byrne (Fr)
Geoffrey T. Dairiki (Fr)
Christopher J. D. Mau (So) [5] Unknown Unknown Daniel Richard Kegel (Fr)
by 4 March 1981 Arlene Patricia Keller (So)
3rd Term March 1981 Richard Clayton Walker (Jr) Craig Newton Minor (So)
February 1982 Arthur Christopher Thompson (Jr) Arlene Patricia Keller (Jr) Jeremy S. Sommer (Jr) Richard Clayton Walker (Sr) [6] Ramanuj Basu (Jr)
John A. Butman (Fr)
Arthur Joseph Fortini (Jr)
Norman Henry Princen (So)
Edward N. George (Fr)
Steven Kaoru Hawes (Fr)
Jeannie-Marie St. Jacques (Fr) Unknown Unknown
1st Term 1982 Arthur Christopher Thompson (Sr)
February 1983 Richard Martin Murray (So) Edward N. George (So) Michael Thomas Yamada (So) Vincent Wei-Kang Chen (So) Margaret Caroline Carter (Fr)
Simon Godfrey Goldstein (Fr)
Lisa Ellen Henderson (Fr)
Nathan Ken Inada (Fr)
Matthew J. Penn (Fr)
Kaveh Taleghani (Fr)
John F. Houde (Jr) David Lawrence Hull (So)
Andrew Van Miller II (Fr)
Steven Kaoru Hawes (So)
February 1984 Peter Dell Ashcroft (So) [8] Matthew J. Penn (So) Michael Craig Nolan (Jr) Vincent Wei-Kang Chen (Jr) Nancy Elizabeth Drehwing (Fr)
Steven Kaoru Hawes (Jr)
David Lawrence Hull (Jr)
Nathan Ken Inada (So)
William Tatsuaki Gustafson (Fr)
Edmund John Llewellyn (Fr)
Thomas P. Nolan (Fr)
Ed Zanelli [7]
David Lawrence Hull (Jr)
Andrew Van Miller II (So)
Unknown Michael Anthony Rigler (So)
January/February 1985 Thomas P. Nolan (So) James Francis Bell III (So)
Nancy Elizabeth Drehwing (So)
Jack Hood Profit (So) David Alan Wittman (So) Peter Dell Ashcroft (Jr) [8]
Nancy Elizabeth Drehwing (So)
Scott D. McCauley (Fr)
Thomas P. Nolan (So)
Michael A. Bajura (Fr)
Mark Berman (Fr)
Vincent J. Chow (Fr)
Peter Dell Ashcroft (Jr) [8]
Robert Lynn Horn (Jr) [9]
Unknown Michael Anthony Rigler (Jr) Thomas Lytell Aldcroft (So)
January/February 1986 Nancy Elizabeth Drehwing (Jr) Nathan Ken Inada (Sr)
William Tatsuaki Gustafson (Jr)
Scott D. McCauley (So) David Alan Wittman (Jr) Unknown Unknown Unknown Bengt I. Magnussen (Jr) Michael Anthony Rigler (Sr) [10] Timothy Ken Horiuchi (So)
January 1987 Birgitta R. Jentoft-Nielson (So) Irene Hsiao-Ping Chen (So)
Teresa Nichole Ollick (So)
Timothy Allen Hochberg (So) Timothy Ken Horiuchi (Jr)
Tzejen James Shih (So)
David Alan Wittman (Sr) []
Paul V. Amadeo (Fr)
James Francis Bell III (Sr)
Irene Hsiao-Ping Chen (So)
Clifton Jarod Kiser (Fr)
Teresa Nichole Ollick (So)
Paul V. Amadeo (Fr)
Eric Dent Hassenzahl (Fr)
Martin Joseph O'Brien (Fr)
Bradley Allen Scott (So)
Ed Zanelli [7]
Frederick Karl Mallon (Fr) Bengt I. Magnussen (Sr) Mark Andrew Huie (So) David P. Cole (So) Kenneth Skilling Andrews (Fr)
January 1988 Kenneth Skilling Andrews (So) Mark David Montague (Jr) Clifton Jarod Kiser (So) Stephen Donald Lew (Jr) Irene Hsiao-Ping Chen (Jr)
Christina Lynn Garden (So)
Timothy Allen Hochberg (Jr)
Michael Patrick McDonald
Samantha Andrews Seaward (Fr)
Peter M. Wenzel (Fr)
Paul V. Amadeo (So)
John Michael Hart (Jr)
Eric Dent Hassenzahl (So)
Miguel K. McDonald
Teresa Nichole Ollick (Jr)
Marc Wesley Abel (Fr) David K. Kim (Fr) Peter M. Wenzel (Fr) Christopher David Hurwitz (So)
January 1989 Clifton Jarod Kiser (Jr) Michael Richard Ricci (So) Peter M. Wenzel (So) Frederick Karl Mallon (Jr) Christina Lynn Garden (Jr)
Hoyt Emmet Hudson (Fr)
Edward J. Nanale (Jr)
Samantha Andrews Seaward (So)
Bonnie Jean Wallace (Fr)
Ian Agol (Fr)
Jerry Kaywin Carter (Fr)
Eric Dent Hassenzahl (Jr)
Hoyt Emmet Hudson (Fr)
Martin Joseph O'Brien (Jr)
William Nielsen Brandt (Fr) Matthew John Kidd (Jr)
Celina Jadwiga Mikolajczak (So)
Kenneth Skilling Andrews (Jr) Christopher David Hurwitz (Jr)

Notes for 1980-1989:

1. New office that was created 2nd term 1987. Previously the president dealt with those issues. After the Renovations in the summer of 1986, suddenly Houses were responsible fiscally for damage. So Bibi talked Huie into taking the office. In 1988 the office was not listed with the main officers (It was listed in the "silly" ballot). So presumably that it did not have a room pick at this point. I'm pretty sure that it did by 1990.
2. Vacated office for unknown reason.
3. Left at the end of 3rd term 1981. New election during the term.
4. Left Tech summer 1981.
5. Left Tech for the UC system, 3rd term 1981.
6. Graduated June 1982
7. This is a Flem that Moles found humorous to add to Ath teams. He was never a member of Blacker.
8. His class had already graduated, but Pete took a 2 year Morman mission...
9. His class had already graduated, but Robert took a 2 year Morman mission...
10. Despite graduating Mike fulfulled his role as Pope from Hawaii. He even sent back a video tape for the annual papal visit to challenge the frosh.
11. I'm told the team Veep arose in the 1980s because in one election two candidates tied. So they had a run off and tied again. There may have been a 3rd run off that tied. They decided to share the office. The next year Bill Gustafson agreed to run only if Nathan would...

During the 1990s the election of officers were held over many weeks. In the 1st half of the decade, the 2nd week of 2nd term was the Secretarial election, the 3rd week the Presidential election and the 4th week the rest of the officers. In the latter half of the decade the President was elected first and then the Secreatary...
Also during the 1990s, the Historian my be elected 2nd term, but didn't take office until 1st term so that the Historian could work on a complete Big T. However, new historians were expected to help the old ones.

Election President Vice President [13] Secretary Treasurer Social Team Athletic Managers Libriarian Historian Damage Control Pope BTE Troll [14]
January 1990 David K. Kim (Jr) Pete Harry Dussin (Jr) Andrea Francine Mejia (So) William Nielsen Brandt (So) Deepinder K. Brar (So)
Stephen Victor Hwan (Jr)
Jennifer Messenger (Fr)
Robert Joseph Padula (Jr)
Alex Rosser (Fr)
Dan Ruzek (Fr) [1]
Anna Maria Yeakley (Jr)
Ian Agol (So)
Joseph Paul Andrieu (Fr)
Claudine Butcher (Fr)
Jerry Kaywin Carter (So)
Hoyt Emmet Hudson (So)
Todd Walker (Fr)
Brian Michael Kurkoski (Fr) Celina Jadwiga Mikolajczak (Jr) William D. Greene (Fr) Hoyt Emmet Hudson (So)
Anne Margarete Jaeckel (So)
Walker Garret Aumann (So)
January 1991 Andrea Francine Mejia (Jr) Joseph Paul Andrieu (So) [2] Deepinder K. Brar (Jr) Alan Eugene Kulawik (So) Joseph Paul Andrieu (So) [3]
Xavier Bengochea (Fr)
David R. Brandt [4]
Hoyt Emmet Hudson (Jr) [3]
Anne Margarete Jaeckel (Jr)
Todd Loren Rope (Fr)
Peter M. Wenzel (Sr)
Ian Agol (Jr)
Henry O. Choi (Fr)
Rebecca Erin Green (Fr)
Hoyt Emmet Hudson (Jr)
Near Moses Margalit (Fr)
Gary Thomas Olsen (Fr) Benjamin Allan Smith (So) [5] Bevan Christopher Bennett (Fr) Katherine Jane Quinn (So)
Third term 1991 Walker Garret Aumann (Jr)
Noam Bernstein (Jr)
Xavier Bengochea
David R. Brandt (Fr) [4]
Claudine Butcher [6]
Anne Margarete Jaeckel (Jr)
Todd Loren Rope (Fr)
Katherine Jane Quinn (So) [6]
Stephanie Elizabeth Buck (Jr)
Michael George Maxwell (Jr)
January 1992 Katherine Jane Quinn (Jr) [7] Joan Marie Gimbel (So)
Rebecca Erin Green (So)
George Richard Benzinger III (Jr) Alan Eugene Kulawik (Jr) Anna Melissa George (Jr)
Andrew P. Grangaard (Fr)
William D. Greene (Jr) [8]
Eric M. Hackman (Fr)
Kristin Ann Polito (Fr)
Troy James Bassett (So)
Marcel Peter Bergman (Fr)
Michael Hamilton Coward (Fr)
Near Moses Margalit (So)
Salim T. Odero (Fr)
Albert Joseph Sommar (Fr)
Gary Thomas Olsen (So) Brian Michael Kurkoski (Jr)
Jennifer Ann Wright (Jr)
Bevan Christopher Bennett (So) Lance Armstrong Larsh (So)
March 1992 Anna Melissa George (Jr)
Andrew P. Grangaard (Fr)
Eric M. Hackman (Fr)
Diana Therese McMahon (Jr)
Kristin Ann Polito (Fr)
early December 1992 Benjamin Allan Smith (Sr)
January 1993 Marcel Peter Bergman (So)
Matthew Allen Clapp (So)
Zach Dov Berger (So) Michael Hamilton Coward (So) John Anthony Barrera (So)
Thomas C. Kwan (So)
Jesus Mancilla Cisneros (Sr) [9]
Miyabi Ota (Fr)
Kristin Ann Polito (So)
Alison Elaine Slemp (Fr)
Albert Joseph Sommar (So)
Donna Michelle Ebenstein (Fr)
Christopher L. Foley (Fr)
Stacy Ann Kerkela (Fr)
Joseph Peter John Manca (Fr)
Andrew L. Schoen (Fr)
Renny Sandra Talianchich (Fr) Christopher John Hunter (Fr)
Adele Elaine Shakal (So)
Bevan Christopher Bennett (Jr) Eric Scott Hill (Fr)
Late January 1994 James Allen Honaker (So) Donna Michelle Ebenstein (So)
Kimberly Lynn Komisarek (So)
Eric Scott Dickson (So) Michael Hamilton Coward (So) Eric Scott Dickson (So)
Donna Michelle Ebenstein (So)
Samantha Foster (Fr)
Christopher John Hunter (So)
Joseph Peter John Manca
Alison Elaine Slemp (So)
Renny Sandra Talianchich (So)
Kenneth Antrim Walsh (So)
Donna Michelle Ebenstein (So)
Cailin Camille Henderson (Fr)
Stacy Ann Kerkela (So)
Albert Joseph Sommar (Jr)
Renny Sandra Talianchich (So) William Charles Penn (Fr)
Michael Donald Stage (Fr)
Tatsuya Murase (So) Bryan David Carson (Fr) Matthew Allen Clapp (Jr)
January 1995 Alison Elaine Slemp (Jr) Samantha Foster (So)
Jennie Marie Wilson (Fr**)
Michael Donald Stage (So) Eric Scott Dickson (Jr) Jon Paul Allen (Fr)
Ryan C. Bacon (Fr)
Michaeleen Bell Callahan (Fr)
Matthew Allen Clapp (Sr)
Samantha Foster (So)
Noah Malmstadt (So)
Fay Fei Peng (Fr)
Donna Michelle Ebenstein (Jr)
James Allen Honaker (Jr)
Stacy Ann Kerkela (Jr)
John Chung-Han Lin (Fr)
Robert Christian Tryon (Fr)
Margaret R. Crocker (Fr)
Christina Molodowitch (Fr)
Donna Michelle Ebenstein (Jr)
Kenneth Antrim Walsh (Jr)
Jason Haycox Heiss (So) Michaeleen Bell Callahan (Fr) [10]
1st Term 1996 Christopher L. Foley (Jr)
January 1996 William Charles Penn (Jr) Devon J. McClain (So)
Christina Molodowitch (So)
Robert Christian Tryon (So) Bradey David Honsinger (Jr) Charles Michael Atkin (Fr)
James Franklin Buckwalter (Fr**)
Matthew William Hage (Fr**)
Amy Elizabeth Herr (Jr)
Bradey David Honsinger (Jr)
Ellen Leigh Martin (Fr**)
Devon J. McClain (So)
Jon Paul Allen (So)
Joseph Phillip Carroll (Fr)
Ryan Thomas Chornock (Fr)
Alexander Thomas Ihler (Fr)
Benjamin Edward Turk (Fr)
Margaret R. Crocker (So) [11] Samantha Foster (Jr)
Timothy Donald Henson (So)
Jason Haycox Heiss (Jr) James Pierce
1st Term 1996 [None]
January 1997 Jon Paul Allen (Jr) Joseph Phillip Carroll (So)
William Charles Penn (Sr)
Ryan Thomas Chornock (So) Robert Christian Tryon (Jr) Kjerstin Irja Easton (Fr)
Michael Albert Fox (Sr) [12]
Daniel Christopher Hennessy (Jr)
Kevin Bryce McCarty (Fr)
Jeffrey Christopher Miller (Sr) [12]
Kristine Elizabeth Nielson (Fr)
Hannah A. Peck (Fr)
Samson Joshua Timoner (Sr) [12]
Michael Donald Stage (Sr) [12]
Matthew Steven Tiscareno (Jr)
Travis Jesse Williams (So)
Karen Mercedes Bletzer (Jr)
Ryan Cox (Fr)
Leah Diane Foechterle (Jr)
Alexander Thomas Ihler (Jr)
Troy J. Lee (Fr)
Nicholas Fraser Breen (Fr) Nathaniel L. Anagnostou (Jr)
Ryan Cox (Fr)
Nathan Jon Schara (Fr) Brian Marc Rothstein (Jr)
January 1998 Eric Lawrence Hale (So) Robin Friedman (Fr)
Kristine Elizabeth Nielson (So)
Nicholas Fraser Breen (So) Clifford William Hicks (So) Regina Cheung (Fr)
Michael Ivor Davies (Sr)
Mike Patrick Fitzgerald (So)
Cheryl Forest (Fr)
Jeremy Kemper (Jr)
Joseph Phillip Carroll (Jr)
Nathan Flowers-Jacobs (Fr)
Benjamin Edward Turk (Sr)
Celeste Yang (Fr)
Yifan Yang (So)
Mark O. Barrett (Fr)
Peter Freese (Fr)
Reuben Walter Ogburn IV (Jr)
Amy Robynne Peterson (Fr)
Nathan Jon Schara (So) Mike Patrick Fitzgerald (So)
January 1999 Nicholas Fraser Breen (Jr) Cheryl Forest (So)
Todd E. Schuman (Fr)
Mark O. Barrett (So) Clifford William Hicks (Jr) Nathanial P. Austin (Fr)
Teodora N. Beloreshka (Fr)
Kjerstin Irja Easton (Jr)
Nathan Flowers-Jacobs (So)
Nicholas A. Knouf (Fr)
Kacie E. Shelton (Jr)
Victoria C. Sturgeon (Fr)
Jennifer C. Taggart (Fr)
Christian Thomas (So)
Celeste Yang (So)
Nathanial P. Austin (Fr)
Garrett D. Blankenburg (Fr)
Christopher J. Elion (Fr)
Timothy A. Crosby (Fr)
Stephen W. Thrasher, Jr. (Fr)
Andrew MacGregor Childs (Jr)
Faith McIver Fulton(Fr)
Nathan Jon Schara (Jr) Seth Louis Miller(So)

Notes for 1990-1999:

1. Left Tech for U Minnisota summer 1990.
2. Resigned at beginning of 3rd term 1991 in a deal with UASH to let him be re-enstated.
3. Resigned House offices after a dispute with the Hovse president and an alcoholic party that conflicted with the newly inflicted DAPAC.
4. Left Tech summer 1991.
5. Went on leave near midterms 3rd Term.
6. Join the team (not elected) to help bolster the depleated ranks.
7. Katy had to leave Tech for a few weeks at the end of 1st term 1993 so that she sould re-enter it and get a proper green card. So the election was moved up a little for President.
8. Went on leave at end of 2nd term 1992
9. Graduated June 1993
10. Flaked on being Pope, so a replacement was found.
11. Left tech 3rd Term 1996
12. Graduated June 1997.
13. Team Veep returned due to circumstances. The elected Veep resigned suddenly at the beginning of 3rd term [2]. Since the Associates Tea, a major undertaking, was only weeks away a team decided to run. After that many argued that the Associates Tea was too big for one person to organize.
14. The last time BTE fully worked was 1988-1989, though there have been vialient efforts to revive it. After Ken Andrews, I don't think Walker ever got a roompick for it. I don't think either Walker or Matt were elected to the position.

In the year 2000 elections were over 3 weeks starting the 2nd week of the term. The first week was the presidential election. The second week was the secretary election. And the third week the rest of the officers. I've noted the date that people first took office in () for this time period.

Election President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Social Team Athletic Managers Libriarian Historian Damage Control Pope
January 2000 Todd E. Schuman (So)
[17 Jan]
Nicholas A. Knouf (So)
Victoria C. Sturgeon (So)
[31 Jan]
David S. Guskin (So)
[24 Jan]
Timothy A. Crosby (So)
[31 Jan]
Krista Anne Ehinger (Fr)
Robert P. Enright (Sr)
Daniel Clark Fabrycky (Fr)
Clayton Ray Featherstone (Fr)
Jonathan Bruce Foster (Fr)
Seth Louis Miller (Jr)
Kaisa Elina-Maria Taipale (Fr)
Christina Lee Telles (Fr)
Jared Fisher Updike (Fr)
Sarah Elizabeth Warren (Fr)
[31 Jan]
Garrett D. Blankenburg (So)
Clayton Ray Featherstone (Fr)
Sean S. Szeja (Fr)
[31 Jan]
Krista Anne Ehinger (Fr)
Glenn Evans Jones (Fr)
[31 Jan]
Regina Cheung (Jr)
Laura Marie Elliott (Fr)
Nathanial P. Austin (So) Seth Louis Miller (Jr)
January 2001 Victoria C. Sturgeon (Jr)
Clayton Ray Featherstone (So)
Emily Grace Wildanger (So)
Krista Anne Ehinger (So) Ayeh Bandeh-Ahmadi (Jr) Nathanial P. Austin (Jr)
Jeffrey Blackburne (So)
Timothy A. Crosby (Jr)
Michael Edmund Davenport (Fr)
Christopher J. Elion (Jr)
Daniel Clark Fabrycky (So)
Clayton Ray Featherstone (So)
Rebecca Anne Flint (Fr)
Dave S. Guskin (Jr)
Sarah Elaine Hendrickson (Fr)
Elliott Michael Karpilovsky (Fr)
Yussanne Patricia Ma (Fr)
Todd E. Schuman (Jr)
Christian Thomas (Sr)
Jeremy J. Tollefson (Jr)
Kirsten Francis Welge (Fr)
Gregory Scott West (Fr)
Garrett D. Blankenburg (Jr)
Thomas I. Borchert (Jr)
Michael Edmund Davenport (Fr)
Clayton Ray Featherstone (So)
Todd E. Schuman (Jr)
Elliot Michael Karpilovsky (Fr)
Kirsten Francis Welge (Fr)
William Nicholas Heltsley (Fr)
Stephen W. Thrasher, Jr. (Jr)
Jonathan Edward Toomey (So) Christopher J. Elion (Jr)
January 2002 Jonathan Edward Toomey (Jr) Sam David Lindsay-Levine (So)
Yusanne Patritia Ma (So)
Kirsten Francis Welge (So) Krista Anne Ehinger (Jr) Nathanial P. Austin (Sr)
Adam Washburn Bongarzone (So)
Kevin Edward Duncklee (Fr)
Krista Anne Ehinger (Jr)
Clayton Ray Featherstone (Jr)
Rebecca Anne Flint (So)
Christopher Brian Franco (Fr)
Bernadette Danielle Heyburn (Fr)
Tina Hsu (Fr)
Glenn Evans Jones (Jr)
Andrea Shin Hwei Kung (Fr)
Samantha Michelle Lawler (Fr)
Manisha Ulhas Lotlikar (Fr)
Andrea McColl (SSr)
Susan Terese McDonald (Fr)
Sandra Neuenschwander Ottensmann (Fr)
Jason Michael Raycroft (So)
Hans Christopher Scholze (Fr)
Candace Sacho WaiMei Mu (Fr)
Sean S. Szeja (Jr)
Christina Lee Telles (Jr)
Matthew Austin Terrel (So)
Nickolas James Ven Buer (fr)
Randall Miles White (So)
Philip Wong
Michael Edmund Davenport (So)
Clayton Ray Featherstone (Jr)
Jared Matthew Gabor (Fr)
Tom Lasko (Fr)BR> Sean S. Szeja (Jr)
Maryam Ali (Fr)
Abbey Mary Elliott (Fr)
Katherine Diane Stoy (Fr)
Tina Hsu (Fr)
Chuck-Hou Yee (Fr)
Robert Nils Lion (Jr)
January 2003 Michael Edmund Davenport (Jr) Philip Hao-chang Wong (So)
Sandra Neuenschwander Ottensmann (So)
Rebecca Anne Flint (Jr) Elliott Michael Karpilovski (Jr)

Harlan Kadish (Fr)
(?)Eben Olsen(?) (Fr)
Andrea Kung (So)
Anne Rajala (Fr)

Jenny Iofinova (Fr)
Arthi Srinivasan (Fr)
January 2004 Philip Wong (Jr) Ewen Chao (So)
Matthew Krogstad (So)
Mayra Sheikh (So)
Chuck-Hou Yee (Jr) Michael Wilson (Jr) Elizabeth Gilliam (Fr)
Jeffrey Graham (Fr)
Vanessa Krause (So)
Yuliya Kuznetsova (Fr)
Katharine Magary (So)
Marcus Ng (So)
Jared Updike (Jr)
Sandra Ottensmann (Jr)
Benjamin Pedersen (Fr)
Cecilia Yu (Fr)
Jeffrey Kauffman (Jr)
Thomas Lasko (Jr)
Brandon Rawlings (Jr)
Yuan Gong (Fr)
Xiao Xu (So)
Joseph Koehler (Fr)
Lucie Lee (Jr)
Luigi Celano (Jr?) Matthew Johnston (Jr)
January 2005 Matthew Krogstad (Jr) Yuliya Kuznetsova (So)
Ben Pedersen (So)
Ewen Chao (Jr) Arthi Srinivasan (Jr) Lee Feinman (Fr)
Laura Fishman (Jr)
Jeffrey Graham (So)
George Hagstrom (Jr)
Mike Inadomi (Fr)
Shawn Ligocki (Fr)
Kate Magary (Jr)
William "Scott" Raburn (So)
Brandon Rawlings (Jr)
Raman Shah (Jr)
Arthi Srinivasan (Jr)
Adrianne Stroup (Fr)
Mike Villet (Jr)
Meredith Wiseman (Jr)
Eileen Xie (Fr)
Joey Koehler (So)
Tom Lasko (Sr)
Nathan Lau (Fr)
Shawn Ligocki (Fr)
Brandon Rawlings (Jr)
Jessy Arnold (Fr)
Kate Craig (Fr)
Lauren Savage (Fr)
David Dow (So)
Kenny Oslund (Fr)
Eileen Xie (Fr)
Bart McGuyer (Jr)
Eben Olsen (Jr)
George Hagstrom
January 2006 Joseph Koehler (Jr) Jennifer Hawley(So)
Nathanael Lau (So)
Peter Haderlein (So)
Yuliya Kuznetsova (Jr) Benjamin Pederson (Jr) Marlena Fecho (Jr)
Lee Feinman (So)
Matthew Feldman (Fr)
Jeffrey Graham (Jr)
Shilo Harley (Fr)
John Hasier (Fr)
Drew Heltsley (So)
Kenny Oslund (So)
Sara Peek (So)
William "Scott" Raburn (Jr)
Maria Riolo (Fr)
Adrianne Stroup (So)
Valerie Syverson (Jr)
Jesse West (So)
Dahvyd Wing (Fr)
Jason Cerundolo (Fr)
Matthew Feldman (Fr)
Jonathan Gardner (Jr)
Jessica Gonzalez (So)
Shawn Ligocki (So)
Dahvyd Wing (Fr)
Mary Dorman (Fr)
Catherine Douglass (Fr)
Kristen Kozak (Fr)
Nathan Crook (Fr)
Zhen "Liz" Fong (Fr)
Maria Riolo (Fr)
Klementyn Szwaykowska (Jr)
Drew Heltsley (So) Marlena Fecho (Jr)
Scott Raburn (Jr)
January 2007 Peter Haderlein (Jr) Mary Dorman (So)
John Hasier (So)
Dahvyd Wing (So)
Adrianne Stroup (So) Shawn Ligocki (Jr) Joseph Antognini (Fr)
Jessica Gonzalez (Jr)
John Haiser (Jr)
Michael Inadomi (Jr)
Sarah Li Fr)
Shawn Ligocki (Jr)
Duc-Huy Nguyen (Fr)
Jimmy Paulos (So)
Sara Peek (Jr)
Joe Salamon (Fr)
Amber Valdes (Fr)
Muzhou Wang (So)
Chris Watson (So)
Stephen Wilke (Fr)
Mary Dorman (So)
Matthew Feldman (So)
Seth Hendrickson (So)
Nathan Lau (Jr)
Shawn Ligocki (Jr)
John Rath (Fr)
Amber Valdes (Fr)
Nathan Crook (So)
Oren Hazi (Fr)
Kenneth Oslund (Jr)
Joe Salamon (Fr)
Aliza Malz (Fr)
Sarah Hunt (Fr)
Sarah Li (Fr)
Drew Heltsely (Jr)
James Paulos (So)

January 2008 James Paulos (Jr) Stephen Wilke (So)
Stephanie Schultze (So)
Joe Salamon (So)
Muzhou Wang (Jr) Matthew Feldman (Jr) "Ben and Gerry's"
Tim Black (Fr)
Nathaniel Borneman (Jr)
Jason Cerundolo (Jr)
Nathan Crook (Jr)
Matthew Feldman (Jr)
John Hasier (Jr)
Ben Kurtz (Fr)
Dennis Lam (So)
Sarah "Sly" Li (So)
Priya Nayak (Fr)
Sara "Speek" Peek (Sr)
Suzanna Piatt (Fr)
Gerard "Gerry" Salinas (Fr)
Joe Salamon (So)
Christopher Whelan (Fr)
Stephen Wilke (So)
"Take the ath team budget to Vegas"
Tim Black (Fr)
Matthew Feldman (Jr)
Seth Hendrickson (Jr)
Mariya Levina (Fr)
Harold Martin (So)
Suzanna Piatt (Fr)
John Rath (So)
Ben Reinhardt (So)
Jasmine Sears (Fr)
Amber Valdez (So)
Suzanna Piatt (Fr)
Sarah Howell (Fr)
Jasmine Sears (Fr)
Nathan Crook (Jr)
Mariya Levina (Fr)
Chris Whelan (Fr)
Oren Hazi (So)
John Hasier (Jr)
Ben Kurtz (Fr)
Jon Napolitano
January 2009 Sarah Li (Jr) Suzanna Piatt (So)
Gerard "Gerry" Salinas (So)
Stephanie Schultze (Jr) Benjamin Steele (Jr) Andrew "Andy" Matuschak(Jr)
Benjamin Kurtz (So)
Priya Nayak (So)
Tim Black (So)
Sarah Howell (So)
Tom Harris (Fr)
Anna Craig (Fr)
Amber Valdés (Jr)
Ben Reinhardt (Jr)
John Rath (Jr)
Michael Gherini (Jr)
Jasmine Sears (So)
Suzanna Piatt (So)
Jamie Tayar (Fr)
Daniil Kitchaev (Fr)
Caleb Ziegler (Fr)
Peter Buhler (Fr)
Nate Morison (Fr)
Tom Harris (Fr)
Oren Hazi (Jr)
Janet Chen (Fr)
Benjamin Kurtz (So)
Brad Saund (Fr)
Joe Antognini (Jr)

Election President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Social Team Athletic Managers Libriarian Historian Damage Control Pope
January 2010 Chris Whelan (Jr) Vice President TBD Gerald "Gerry" Salinas (Jr) Emmet Cleary (Jr) Softwood Lumber Grading:
Megan Jackson Maura Mayock (Fr)
Alison Parisian (Fr)
Suzanna Piatt (Jr)
Priyam Patel (So)
Joanna Robaszewski (Fr)
Micaeala Shocklee (Fr)
Caleb Ziegler (So)
Caleb Ziegler (So)
Wesley Swank (Fr)
Peter Buhler (So)
Christopher Kolner (Fr)
Carson McNeil (Fr)
James Scott (Fr)
Janet Chen (So)
Matthew Diamond (Fr)
Joshua Escribano (Fr)
Benjamin Kurtz (Jr)
Bradley Saund (So)
Alexandra "Alex" Smith (Jr)
Patrick Xia (Jr)
January 2011 Brad Saund (Jr) Matthew Heydeman (So)
John Jefferson Odell (So)
Marissa Weichman Martin Michelsen (Jr) Caleb Ziegler (Jr)
Wesley Swank (So)
David Tolnay (Fr)
Andy Bartlett (Fr)
Terry Lee (Fr)
Peter Buhler (Jr)
Carson McNeil (So)
James “Jimmy” Scott (So)
Janet Chen (Jr)
Joshua Escribano (So)
Christine Sun (Fr)
Brad Saund (Jr)
Westley Swank (So)
Robb Morgan (Fr)
Priyam Patel (Jr)
January 2012 Chris Varnerin (So) John Napp (So)
Terry Lee (So)
John Jefferson Odell (Jr) Ilya Nepomnyashchiy (Jr) Erika DeBendictis (So)
Joanna Robaszewski (Jr)
Alison Parisian (Jr)
Ingrid Fielder (Fr)
Leslie Timms (Fr)
Rochelle Weber (Fr)
Wesley Swank (Jr)
Terry Lee (So)
David Tolnay (So)
Andy Bartlett (So)
Leslie Timms (Fr)
Liz Lawler (Fr)
Kim Fuyura (Jr)
Russell Smith (So)
Joshua Escribano (Jr)
Christine Sun (So)
Moya Chen (Fr)
Rochelle Weber (Fr)
Wesley Swank (Jr)
Robb Morgan (Jr)
Justin Koch (So)
Joshua Yoon (Jr)
January 2013 Chris Varnerin (Jr) Eric Martin (So)
Liz Schroder (So)
David Tolnay (Jr) Mike Yurko (Jr) Hima Hassenruck-Gudipati (Jr)
Josie Kishi (Jr)
Jeff Picard (So)
Madeleine Youngs (So)
Andrew Romine (Fr)
Elly Shao (Fr)
Evan Davis
Sarah Asano (Fr)
Sarah Pearce (Fr)
Sean Mendoza (Fr)
Andy Bartlett (Jr)
Leslie Timms (So)
Evan Davis (Fr)
Ben Cosman (Jr)
Hima Hassenruck-Gudipati (Jr)
Evan Davis (Fr)
Russell Smith (Jr)
Moya Chen (So)
Rochelle Weber (So)
Iulia Gheorghita (Fr)
Robb Morgan (Jr)
Justin Koch (So)
Andre Comella (Fr)
Russell Smith (Jr)
January 2014 Justin Koch (Jr) Melissa Cronin (So)
Evan Davis (So)
Leslie Timms (Jr) Eric Martin (Jr) Emily Meany (Fr)
Jeff Picard (Jr)
Andrew Romine (So)
Jeff Rosenberg (Fr)
Evan Davis (So)
Alex Place (Fr)
Angela Gui (Fr)
Talia Minear (Fr)
Margaret Walter (Fr)
Moya Chen (Jr)
Kit Chinetti (Fr)
Bella Gua (Fr)
Jessica Li (Fr)
Calli Meyer (So)
Rochelle Weber (Jr)
Andre Comella (So)
Talia Minear (Fr)
Alex Place (Fr)
Kerry Betz (Jr)
Jeff Rosenberg (Fr)
April 2014 Melissa Cronin (So)
Calli Meyer (So)
January 2015 Catherine Pavlov (Jr) Kit Chinetti (So)
Kate Evans (So)
Milica Kolundzija (So)
Melissa Cronin (Jr) Calli Meyer (Jr) Thom Chaffee (Fr)
Mark Gillespie (Fr)
Angela Gui (So)
Brian Lee (Fr)
Emily Meany (So)
Mayra Melendez (Fr)
Sean Mendoza (Jr)
Carly Robison (Fr)
Andrew Romine (Jr)
Jeff Rosenberg (So)
Lucille Wells (Fr)
Evan Davis (Jr)
Alex Place (So)
Annie Chang (Fr)
Paige Gannon (Fr)
Francesco Macagno (Fr)
Sean Mendoza (Jr)
Andrew Romine (Jr)
Kit Chinetti (So)
Bella Guo (So)
Caroline Howard (Fr)
Harrison Krowas (So)
Stephanie Kwan (Fr)
William Lake (Fr)
Jessica Li (So)
Talia Minear (So)
Andre Comella (Jr)
Mayra Melendez (Fr)
Talia Minear (So)
Aaron Feldman (Jr)
Jeff Rosenberg (So)
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